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Martin's offers antibiotic-free pork raised on their own Lebanon County Farm. Whether your group is large or small Martin's can adapt to your needs and has been doing so for so many years.


Hello from San-Da Farm turkey and hog farm and the home of Martin's Roast A Pig...

David and his wife Sandra live in Lebanon County with their five children: Andrea Joy • Rochelle Beth • Weston Larry • Larson Reid • Tristan Kyle

They both grew up on a farm consisting of hogs and beef in Lancaster County. David lived in the Ephrata area and Sandra lived in Stevens about a mile from Terry Sheetz. Terry and Sandra's dad worked together on their farms, sharing equipment and labor. When Sandra and David were married in 1995, Terry had cooked a pig for their wedding meal.


Following their marriage, David began working on a hog farm and part-time at a feed mill close to Terry's house. When Terry needed a hand getting hogs out of the cookers, David would sometimes assist him. As time went on, a dream was taking place. David's family was growing and he wanted a farm that would allow him to be home full-time and work while working with Sandy and the children.


In October of 2007, David bought a farm near Myerstown, Pa, Lebanon County. While working part-time at Stevens Feed Mill, he started growing turkeys. During the summer of 2007, David was helping Terry more, cooking pigs and delivering cookers. Due to his health, and him wanting to spend more time at his cabin in the mountains, Terry decided to retire from the pig roasting business. Over the winter, Terry mentioned his interest to David and felt he could take over with some guidance from Terry.


In January of 2008, Martin's Roast A Pig was established. It has been a great transition and things are working out very well for David and Terry. David maintains what he has learned from Terry's experience but also keeping innovated with new ideas as business grows. David takes his hogs to a local processing shop that is under USDA inspection every week, so the hogs you are getting are fresh.


At Martin's Roast a Pig we offer cooking for your event but often, people choose to cook their own pigs at home.

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